Art Auction

The Stockbridge Library will have an Art Auction during the month of April. Ten local artists have donated work including Roland Ginzel, a well known abstract and collage artist and his wife Ellen Lanyon also a renowned artist.

"Blue Vase" by Roland Ginzel

Ginzel has exhibited his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMa in New York City as well as in Europe and Japan. Known primarlily for his paintings, he has recently taken up sculpting in wood. He recently created a series of sculpted vessels out of strips of wood which he glued together then painted and shellacked to resemble a grecian amphora and other vessels. He is creating a special piece for the Library Auction.


"Green Garden" by Ellen Lanyon

Lanyon’s paintings, prints and drawings create a conversation between the mysteries of nature and the effect of man on the environment. She has had solo shows in Chicago, New York and Boston as well as numerous group shows in the US and abroad.


"Jug of Flowers" by Terry Wise

Other artists who are donating their work are Terry Wise,

"Patagonia" by Steve Blanchard

Steve Blanchard,

"Rose" by Julie McCarthy

Julie McCarthy,

"Laurel Lake" by Michelle Gillett

"Faces" by Vlada Rousseff

"Faces" by Vlada Rousseff

"Watercolor Garden"y Diane Firtell

"Watercolor Garden" by Diane Firtell

Michelle Gillett, Vlada Rouseff, Diane Firtell,

"Bird" by Susie Hardcastle

Susie Hardcastle and

"Landscape" by Joan Burkhard

Joan Burkhard.

Bids may be made during the month and final bidding will be accepted at a reception at the Library on Friday April 30th from 5-7. All proceeds benefit The Stockbridge Library.

"Model in Pink" by Terry Wise

For more information please call the Stockbridge Library at 413-298-5501.

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