July 31st, 1-4pm

Shady Porches

Shady Characters

Stockbridge, MA  – On Saturday, July 31st from 1-4PM, awakened spirits of earlier Stockbridge personages will gather on six historic porches in Stockbridge. They will discuss among themselves and the audience how Stockbridge customs and neighborhoods have changed.

Another Shady Character

Hear the latest gossip from the 1800’s as the costumed spirits, or “Shades”, talk about themselves, their friends, and the times in which they lived.  Ticket holders will be able to listen to the conversation for as long as they wish before moving on to the next Shady Porch. Tickets are available only at the Stockbridge Library: $18.00 advance purchase and $20.00 on July 31.

The event will benefit the Stockbridge Library’s Museum and Archives. Presentations of the Shades of Stockbridge in other venues have been going on for five years.

More Shady Characters

Each cast member is well informed about his/her individual character and able to present a lively, non-scripted account of that character’s life and times.

The photos shown here were taken at a previous visit by the Shades to the library last October.

For more information contact Barbara Allen at the Stockbridge Library 413-298-5501.


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