Friday, March 8 at 4:00 pm

Do You Want to Be a Published Author?

A Berkshire Festival of Women Writers Event
Do You Want to Be a Published Author?
Interactive Discussion hosted by Carole Owens, with Julia Lord, Roberta Silman, and Edith Velmans

Why do you want to write? Is it for fame and fortune? You may be disappointed: the vast majority of writers are neither famous nor rich. Do you want to write for the love of it? To find truth? To persuade? To entertain? For whom do you want to write—how do you visualize your audience? Finding the answers to these and other questions will help shape and motivate your craft. Authors will discuss the writer’s experience, what motivated them to write, and the rewards and the drawbacks. A literary agent will discuss why knowing the answers to these questions will help you write works more likely to be published. A discussion will follow with audience members about their aspirations, motivations, and questions.

Carole Owens is the author of The Berkshire Cottages and seven other published books. She has written features for numerous magazines and writes a biweekly column in the Berkshire Eagle and the Berkshire Record. In 2006, she was named Scholar in Residence at the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities; and between 2006 and 2008 she mounted three exhibitions on Berkshire history:Pittsfield During the Gilded AgeFertile Ground: Berkshire Artists and Writers, and Rockwell’s Vision of Melville’s World. Carole has been a consultant to or featured on A&E’s America’s Castles and City Confidential, PBS’s Chronicles, and other programs.

Julia Lord runs a small, tenacious literary agency working with high-quality writers in adult fiction and nonfiction. Julia began her career in 1985, working for actors at the Monty Silver Agency. She opened its literary department, representing writers for film, television, and theater. She moved to books and opened Julia Lord Literary Management in 1999. Her mission is very hands-on: to work with writers to develop their careers from idea through publication and marketing. Her office is known for her steadfast commitment to each and every author and book project.

Roberta Silman, a Guggenheim and NEA Fellow, has published Blood RelationsBoundariesThe Dream DredgerBeginning The World Again, and Somebody’s Else’s Child. The winner of the Child Study Association Award, two National Magazine Awards, Honorable Mention for the PEN Hemingway and Janet Kafka Prizes, and two Pen Syndicated Fiction Prizes, she has had stories in the New Yorker, the Atlantic, and many other magazines, as well as on National Public Radio. She is also a regular reviewer for the Boston Globe and the online ArtsFuse.

Edith Velmans is the author of Edith’s Story, a biography that tells the story of her family, Jews living in Holland during WWII. A trained psychologist, she had a full career before turning to writing in 1997.Edith’s Story has been translated into ten languages and distributed worldwide. The book and its author have received prizes and honors in England, the Netherlands, and the United States.


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