Tuesday, April 23 at 6:00 pm

Dr. Albert Rothenberg, author of Madness & Glory

Book_Cover_Madness__GloryJoin us for a book reading and discussion with Albert Rothenberg M.D., author of the recently published book, Madness & Glory.

This work of historical fiction focuses on Phillipe Pinel, the doctor who became the world’s first psychiatrist, and how he struck the chains and shackles from the mentally ill in the midst of the French Revolution. Before that, patients lived in hideous conditions, were exposed to the public as freaks, and received no useful treatment. A patient in the Bicêtre asylum/jail , former ministerial assistant Guillaume Lalladiere, escapes and inadvertently at night learns of a plot against the leaders of the Revolution. He tries to give warnings to their responsible colleagues and others but no one, except Dr. Pinel, believes him. With Dr. Pinel’s treatment, as well as the support of Genevieve, Guillaume’s love, and Jean-Luc, a smart and devoted young boy, he improves. But the plotters learn he has confided everything to Dr. Pinel and both are threatened with arrest and death.

About the author: Albert Rothenberg M.D. is a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University and former Director of Research of the Austen Riggs Center in Stockbridge, MA. He is the author of the novel Living Color and many professional works. He lives in Canaan, N.Y. with his artist wife, Julia Johnson Rothenberg.

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