Tuesday, December 31 at 12:00 pm

Personally Traditional – Nativity Scenes

Visit the museum lobby during the month of December for an exhibit of Nativity scenes that illustrate the various personal ways people choose to celebrate this seasonal tradition.

Manger scenes were first introduced in Italy in the 16th century.  Today, many people carry on the tradition by including a Nativity set in their homes.  These may range from the simple scene that includes only the Holy Family to the elaborate tableaux of the crèche surrounded by an entire village.  The figures can range from Baroque characters to stylized little children or modern representations of the scene.  In many cases, the sets vary according to the countries where they were made.

The tradition of the Nativity Set has been adopted by many and adapted to fit their personal relationship to the season.  The pieces on display here reflect the individual interests and tastes of people here in Stockbridge.

Thanks to those who have shared their manger scenes with us: Maria Carr, Georgeanne Rousseau, Nancy Wilcox, Helen Allen, Kathy Beebe,  Jenna England, Maryjane Fromm, Vicki O’Neil, and Barbara Allen.

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