Friday, July 28 at 5:00 pm

Artists of the Month

This month’s featured artists are Lynn Curtis and Debra Deres.

Sycamore Spring by Lynn (Lena) Curtis

Lynn (Lena) Curtis has been painting for about a dozen years; her work explores color, luminosity, and shape.  She has been working most recently on a series about sycamore trees, exploring their exciting irregular shapes and their patterned barks.  Curtis, who signs her work with the name Lena, grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a family that encouraged creativity.  Native American and Asian arts were, and still are, an influence in her use of design.

Lynn Curtis studied for numerous years with Patricia Hogan, where she met Deb Deres, and has taken workshops with Barbara Nechis, Rosie Kelly, and Carol Pallesan.  Curtis has been exhibiting at various venues, including the Salisbury Academy, the Scoville Library, the DM Hunt and the Douglas Libraries, the Farmington Library, and the former Godwin & Lundquist Gallery.  She lives at Salisbury School with her husband Dick Curtis, who is a long-time teacher.  They are the proud parents of their two wonderful children, Gwenn and Dan.

Autumn Swirl by Debra Deres

A lifelong resident of the Berkshires, Debra Deres grew up appreciating the wonders around her.  She attended local schools in Lee, Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in public health.  A master’s degree in Epidemiology from the State University of New York followed.

After a career in the public health field Debra opted for an early retirement in order to concentrate on her real passion, art.  She has experimented in various mediums – watercolor, oil, pastel, acrylics, collage, and mixed media.  She has studied with Patricia Hogan, Jack Flynn, Nancy Bautzmann, Mel Stabin, Betsy Apgar Smith, Diane Etienne Faxton, Frank Federico, Barbara Nechis, Thomas Sagouro, Marjori Stoll, and Bart Gulley.

Deb’s love of nature is demonstrated in her work through the grand vistas of her landscapes to the delicate features of her floral presentations in her artworks.  With her reputation firmly established in the arts, there was a natural evolution for her to expand her design talents by creating her “New Fangled Dangles” line of jewelry.  Deb also designs handmade paper collage greeting cards.

Together with her fellow artist and friend, Lynn (Lena) Curtis, she has been exploring new avenues of artistic expression to include all forms of multimedia.  Deb and Lynn have been working on combining their past explorations with different types of media into each new piece.  Deb’s current show at the Stockbridge Library is a total transformation into the Abstract World of colors and textures.

Debra lives atop a mountain in Canaan, New York with her husband Paul and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Bailey.

This exhibit will be on display in the Library’s lobby art gallery throughout the month of July.  A reception for the artists will be held on Friday, July 28, 2017 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. 

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