Friday, December 7 at 5:00 pm

Artists Reception: Berkshire Waldorf High School Students

Artists of the Month:
Berkshire Waldorf High School Students

Self-portrait by Antonius Louw, Class of 2022

During December, the Library is pleased to once again feature artwork by Berkshire Waldorf High School students in both our lobby gallery and in the Jackson Wing.

This Fall, Berkshire Waldorf High School art students worked on two related portrait projects with art teacher Genève Brossard.  For the first project, the students created self-portraits using collage. To prepare, students examined self-portraiture throughout art history, with a focus on the work of collage artist Meghan Coyle, who utilizes colored paper as a kind of paint medium, applying color, texture, and shading carefully to create subtly modeled two-dimensional portraits.  Students used reference photographs of themselves for their own collage self-portraits.  Issues of National Geographic dating as far back as 1920 provided source material – an interesting element of the project, as these images added historical depth to the student’s process of rendering their own identities.  The collage self-portraits will hang in the lobby gallery.
For the second project, students drew inspiration from the work of contemporary painter Kehinde Wiley.  Wiley is best known for painting young black people he encounters and placing them in revamped versions of traditional portraits.  He also painted Barack Obama’s official presidential portrait.
The portrait has been tied to the representation of power since ancient times.  In many ways, Wiley is reconsidering the concept of “hero.”  Using a process of class discussion, observation, considering concepts of “hero,” and personal writing, students chose their own heroes, usually people from their families or outside mainstream cultural circles. The students then painted portraits of their heroes using a larger-than-life scale and the intricate background patterns of Wiley’s paintings as inspiration.  These pieces will hang from the mezzanine in the Jackson Wing.
A reception with the artists will take place from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Friday, December 7; all are welcome.  The artwork will be on display throughout the month of December.

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