Saturday, April 27 at 4:00 pm

Speaker Series: Inside the Publishing World with Rebecca Saletan and Jenna Johnson

Saletan, Editorial Director at Penguin/Riverhead and Johnson, Executive Editor at Farrar, Straus & Giroux, will talk about what editors actually do and what they look for in a manuscript, and will offer tales (of success and not-success) from the front lines of New York’s commercial publishing houses.  Both editors, very well known in the trade, have had long experience in the business.  The talk will be moderated by former publisher and Library Trustee Andre Bernard.

After starting out as a copyeditor at Yale University Press in 1982, Rebecca Saletan served as assistant to legendary Random House editor Jason Epstein before acquiring her own list at that house.  She also worked at Simon & Schuster, Farrar, Straus & Giroux and Harcourt, where she was editor in chief and then publisher.  She has edited a wide range of distinguished fiction and nonfiction, including books by Junot Diaz, Peter Matthiessen, Gilbert King, Diane McWhorter, Mohsin Hamid, Masha Gessen and Hillary Clinton.

Jenna Johnson started out, as is the tradition in publishing, as an assistant, in her case to famed nonfiction editor Jane Isay at Harcourt, and eventually rose to become editor in her own right.  In her tenure at FSG, a house known for its outstanding literary quality and its multiple Nobel Prize-winning authors, she has edited Samantha Hunt, Ling Ma, Angela Flournoy, and Justin Torres, among others.  She has a particular interest in overlooked stories from around the world, cultural history and biography, and food.

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