Staff & Governance


Katherine O’Neil, Director
Barbara Allen, Curator, Museum & Archives
Vicky Cooper, Librarian
Jenney Maloy, Youth Librarian
Kathy Beebe, Library Assistant
Catherine Buffoni, Library Assistant
Maria Lynch, Library Assistant
Joshua Hall, Assistant Curator, Museum & Archives


Board of Trustees

Stewart Edelstein, President
Carl Bradford, Vice President
John Gillespie, Treasurer
Terry Wise, Secretary


Carl Bradford is a retired financial planner and Stockbridge resident. He was General Agent (regional manager) for Berkshire Life and Guardian Life.  He is married to Stephanie and has three grown children and five grandchildren.  His prior non-profit activity includes: Board Chair, Stockbridge Congregational Church; Treasurer, Stockbridge Golf Club; Board Chair, Fairview Hospital; Board, Berkshire United Way; Chair, Berkshire County Chamber of Commerce.  His hobbies are tennis, travel, and skiing. Go Red Sox.

“As a person who has retired from his ‘normal’ job, I still have a lot of energy that I need to employ in a useful manner.  The Library has lots of important tasks that need to be done but does not have the financial resources to employ more staff.  So, volunteering with the Library allows me to be and to feel useful.  I find that it is very satisfying to give something back to my local community.”


Jim Daily has been a home owner in Stockbridge since 1987.  He and his wife Cathy became full-time residents in 2016.

He founded and was Managing Partner of an executive search firm in Westport, Connecticut from 1984 until his retirement in January 2016.  Over the years, he has served on many civic, church, and community boards.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, working on his historic home, golf, and playing the six and twelve guitar and the five string banjo.  He has two children and four grandchildren.

“Stockbridge is truly blessed to have such a beautiful and vibrant library.  It is a center of learning, the arts, and our town history as well as a gathering place for our community.  The staff is talented, friendly, and dedicated.  Having the opportunity to serve as a trustee on the board and give back to our community is an honor.”


Lynn Edelstein was a Law Firm Business Manager for 20 years.  She then launched and ran Prestige Villas, a business renting villas in the Caribbean, Europe, and Mexico.  She moved to Stockbridge in 1995 (part-time) with her husband, Stewart, and in 2013 they became full-time residents.  She joined the Library Board in 2013.  She has served on many not-for-profit organizations over the years, mostly in fundraising and events.

“It has been a privilege for me to serve as a Trustee of the Library these past few years.  Watching and being involved with the renovation was trying and truly rewarding.  It pleases me to see the Library as even more of a place of community now, not just a place to borrow a book, and to know that I have helped be a part of that.”


Stewart Edelstein lives in Stockbridge with his wife, Lynn.  He has been a trial lawyer for 40 years.  He is the author of two books, Dubious Doublets: A Delightful Compendium of Unlikely Word Pairs of Common Origin, from Aardvark/Porcelain to Zodiac/Whiskey (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) and How to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer (American Bar Association), as well as numerous articles in professional journals for lawyers.  He is on the board of the Stockbridge Land Trust and of the Literacy Network of Southern Berkshire, and has served on boards of the Greater Bridgeport Symphony Orchestra and the Fairfield Historical Society.  He is a graduate of Oberlin College (1970) and Cornell Law School (1973).  He taught at Yale Law School for 20 years, and in the Spring of 2015, he taught his first OLLI course on etymology.

“I decided to retire in Stockbridge in part because of the vibrant community life here.  The focal point of the Stockbridge community for me is the Library, Museum & Archives, and so I find fulfillment in serving on the Stockbridge Library Association board to promote its mission.”


Chuck Gillett moved to the Berkshires with his wife Michelle in 1973 and has lived in Stockbridge since 1978.  For 35 years, he owned The Studley Press in Dalton, which printed books and catalogues for museums and art galleries throughout the United States.  Chuck was a selectman in Stockbridge from 2012 to 2016 and continues to serve on several town committees.  He has served on many non-profit boards including The Laurel Hill Association and The First Congregational Church.  Presently Chuck is a realtor with Wheeler & Taylor in Stockbridge.  He has two daughters and three grandchildren.

“This year I am celebrating my fortieth year of living in Stockbridge.  I love this town, and I have participated in as many different areas of town life as I could over the years.  Serving on the library board seemed like the right thing for me to do at this point in my life.  Since I see the Library as being the new center of town activities now that the elementary school is no longer on Main Street, one of my goals will be to help the Library expand the programming of events for the public at the Library.”


John Gillespie was VP of Finance at Kripalu and has over 30 years’ experience in finance, including substantial non-profit experience.  He recently joined Charles River CFO, a leading strategic financial firm, as their Nonprofit & Social Enterprise Practice Leader, where he is supporting and expanding their work with non-profits and social enterprises.

With an MBA in Finance, a Masters in Information Systems from Boston College, and decades of relevant employment and board work, John is a sought-after speaker on a range of financial and economic issues facing nonprofits.  John lives in Stockbridge with his wife, Linda, and their dog, Maggie.  In his spare time, he enjoys baking and poetry, especially the work of David Whyte.

“I like to serve, in my local community, in an organization where I like their mission, and at an organization where I can use my skills and experience.  I did that in Washington, DC and am excited about serving on the Stockbridge Library board.”


Nancy Hahn was Director of the Sheffield Library from 2001 to 2012, where she concentrated on programming, collection development, and maintenance.  She was an advocate for rural libraries in Western Massachusetts and rallied support to increase state aid.  Prior to that, she was a Librarian and Historian with the Department of Defense Information School in Fort Meade, Maryland and Senior Reference Librarian, Command Reference Center in Heidelberg, Germany.  She oversaw the functional and personnel activities supporting 118 facilities throughout Europe.

“I serve on the Board to help implement our goals toward an active community library.  Libraries are so important for a democratic America, but we are steadily challenged in our new technological age.”


Barbara Lane and her husband Ed retired to Stockbridge in 2017 after many years as visitors and then second homeowners here in the Berkshires.  She has been active in the not-for-profit sector as a volunteer, employee, and board member.  Barbara is currently the membership committee chair and member of the Board of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Berkshire Community College.  Ed and Barbara’s daughter Nicole is the Director of the Gardiner, New York Public Library.

“Our beautiful Library is not solely a book collection and archive of local historical documents and artifacts.  It’s a public gathering space that fosters a rich sense of shared history and community.  It’s an honor to be one of its trustees.”  


Karen Marshall moved from Boston to Stockbridge in 2011.  She has a Masters degree in Museum Education from George Washington University and designed education programs in museums for 20 years. Today, she teaches the Alexander Technique, a physical therapy that enables people to get rid of pain and harmful tension.  She has practices in Stockbridge and Boston.  She also researches, writes, and leads cemetery walks for the Library’s Museum and Archives.

“The Library is the heart and center of Stockbridge; with new spaces it is both beautiful and comfortable.  In addition, the Library is the memory of Stockbridge.  The Museum & Archives has been collecting and showing Stockbridge history over 75 years.  The materials there are irreplaceable; my joy is finding ways to help share that wonderful information with the town and its visitors.”


Carol Seltzer has been an educator and librarian during her professional career.  She has a Masters degree in both English Literature and Library Science, and taught English Literature in a leading private school in New York City.  She has been recognized as an outstanding New York State teacher of excellence.  Over the past 25 years, she has served as library-media specialist in Rye, New York.  She is a past president of the Westchester (NY) School Library System.

“As a professionally trained librarian with more than a quarter of a century as an educator, serving on the library board was a natural way to contribute to the Stockbridge community.  To me, a dynamic twenty-first century library is more than a collection of books: it is a place where people gather to explore, learn, and exchange ideas.  In essence, it is the core of the community.”


Leslie Shatz worked in advertising, marketing, and non-profit fundraising before she and her husband moved to the Berkshires in 2000.  She worked at two local art galleries before joining the development staff at the Norman Rockwell Museum.  Leslie served as chairman of the Stockbridge Old Town Hall Re-Use Committee and was a trustee of Laurel Hill Association.  She joined the Library Board in 2013.  Leslie also works as a volunteer at Community Access to the Arts.

“To me the Library, Museum & Archives is a vital resource for our citizens, accessible to everyone no matter how old or young and without regard to socio-economic status.  It is a beautiful, welcoming, friendly place where every citizen has the opportunity to learn, discover, meet others, exchange ideas, volunteer, and share his or her talents.  Dating back more than 150 years, it is an institution of which we can all be proud.  It is an honor to serve as a trustee.”


Terrence Shea retired in 2011 from a 45-year career in equity investment. He and his wife, Jane, bought their house – The Old Parsonage – on Main Street in Stockbridge in 1980, and still have an apartment in New York City.  He joined the Library Board in 2012.  He also serves the board of the Cornelia Connelly Center in New York.  Terry does an amazing amount of heavy lifting for the Annual Book Sale.

“Now able to spend the majority of my time in Stockbridge, I feel privileged to participate in the stewardship of the Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives, the cultural center of our historic town.”


Corey Sprague moved to the Berkshires nine years ago from New York City via a quick stint in Boston.  Prior to settling in the Berkshires, Corey put her Cornell Labor Relations degree to use in various management and Human Resource positions on Wall Street.  In the past several years she has been focused on raising four library-loving children with her husband, local orthopedic surgeon, Mark Sprague. In her “spare” time, Corey has gotten involved with the Berkshire Hills Regional School District, serving on hiring committees and co-founding the annual elementary school community event, “Mud Day.”  Most recently, when not driving one of her kids around Berkshire County, Corey is busy hiring top-notch science teachers to deliver cutting-edge curriculum for a national STEM camp (i2 Camp).

“It is an honor to serve on the SLA Board with the talented and dedicated trustee team to support and grow our amazing Library, Museum & Archives.  I love walking into the Library and spotting a shiny new book ready for circulation or reading through the monthly newsletter that highlights the multitude of wonderful programming in store, and knowing I have helped in some small way to make those things happen.”


Rick Wilcox is returning to the SLA Board for a second tour.  Prior to being a sought-after Board member and de-facto local historian, Rick spent many wonderful years serving as the Police Chief of Stockbridge.

“My desire to be on the Board of Directors is based in part on my love of books and my love of local history, both of which can be found at the Library.  In addition, the community of Stockbridge has been very good to me and I believe it deserves some of my time and I am happy to give back.

My personal connection to the Library runs deep: in the 1920s, my great aunt Olga Wilcox was the head librarian, my grandmother Grace Wilcox was the relief librarian, and my great uncle Edmund C. Wilcox was the Library Association’s treasurer.  In 1938, my grandmother became the Curator of the newly opened Historical Room in the basement of the new Bement wing, retiring 30 years later.”


Terry Wise moved to the Berkshires in 1981 when she and her husband Jay bought a dental practice in Lee. With a BFA from Indiana University, she has continuously worked as a freelance designer and artist in various media while raising three children who all graduated from Monument Mountain Regional High School.  She has worked in costuming and wardrobe for Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Berkshire Theater Group, and Moscow Ballet.  She has served on the boards of Chesterwood, Laurel Hill Association, The Stockbridge Library, many committees at the First Congregational Church in Stockbridge, and is chairman of the Stockbridge Cultural Council.  An average reader, but big book enthusiast, she loved introducing her children to the pleasures of reading, and served for several years on the RIF (Reading is Fundamental) committee at the Stockbridge Plain School, which put new books in the hands of every student.

“I serve on the Stockbridge Library Board because I love the Library; I love being in the building and the ready availability of so many books, both classic and newly published, periodicals, CDs, and DVDs.  I serve as curator of the Lobby Gallery because it is a service to both local artists and to the public to show this artwork in a public place. The Museum & Archives is a very special place and we are so fortunate to have all this Stockbridge history right here where we can see it and learn from it all the time.  I’m happy to do my piece to keep this place alive and well.”