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Archival researcher guidelines & COVID-19

Please adhere to the following protocols when using the archival collections:

-One researcher at a time may use the archives.

-Archival research visits must be scheduled in advance by emailing the Library at:

-Research times allotments will be scheduled on the half hour for a total of one hour and forty five minutes per visit. Researchers may request one block of research time per day, depending upon the availability of the Curator.

-All Library staff and patrons (including researchers) are required to wear a mask and practice appropriate social distancing protocols as required by CDC guidelines.

-Researchers will be given one archival folder or book at a time. All handled items will be quarantined for 72 hours (3 days), depending on the format of the materials. This could result in delays in accessing items.

-A mandatory 15-minute sanitation and cleaning in the archival research room is required between appointments to allow staff to sanitize and place pulled materials in the designated quarantine space.

We truly appreciate your patience.

Thank you!