Art Shows

Artist of the Month:
Anna Maria Martin

During March, the Library is pleased to feature artwork by Anna Maria Martin in our lobby gallery.


Ana Maria was born and raised in Santiago, Chile. She studied graphic design and Fine Art at the University of Chile.
She has been employed in design internationally – working in Germany, Algeria and Chile with an emphasis on posters, calendars, safety manuals, presentation materials and oil paintings.
Now retired, she works in oil on canvas at her studios in Santiago and Pittsfield where she is experimenting with new techniques and styles.

As a part time resident of the Berkshires, her current work being exhibited is dedicated

to her life and family and is mostly done in acrylic on canvas.

The March exhibit was created with a mixture of acrylic and oil in canvas. Sometimes she uses other materials such as wood, cardboard and rocks.
This exhibit displays a variety of themes and different abstracts styles focusing and showing both forms, her creative work is full of color, texture and imagination.
Anna’s artwork will be on display throughout the month of March.


Art show guidelines:

  1. Local artists are invited to submit images of their work to art curator Terry Wise at email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  2. Shows run for one calendar month.
  3. Artist is responsible for hanging and taking down artwork, with help from the art curator.
  4. If artist desires an opening reception s/he will be responsible for all related costs and set up. Receptions may be held on Tuesday or Friday evenings from 5-7:00 p.m.
  5. Library will post notice of the show on its website, Facebook, and enewsletter. All other promotion is the responsibility of the artist.
  6. Sales are to be handled by the artist. A 20 percent donation to the Stockbridge Library is expected on any sales generated by the show.
  7. Questions may be directed to art curator Terry Wise at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

For a printable set of these guidelines, please click HERE.