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Online Poetry – Sparks in the Dark with Joe Zaccardi

Click here for online poetry.

Joseph Zaccardi’s sixth book of poems, Songbird of the Nine Rivers, was
published by Sixteen Rivers Press in 2023.  His poems have appeared in Atlanta
Review, Cincinnati Review, Poetry East, Rattle, and elsewhere. Zaccardi served as
the poet laureate of Marin County, California, from 2013 to 2015, and edited
Changing Harm to Harmony: Bullies and Bystanders Project.
He says he has no working process that he can describe. Each day is a tree of
verbal apples to climb, and he is usually up there, unless he’s after the even more
delectable fruits of silence. He says, further, that to create a book of poems is a
selfless act and a minor miracle. But miracles, minor or otherwise, don’t happen by
happenstance; they are engendered in part by hard work and in part by the
generous help from other poets.