Policies for Use

The following are guidelines for researchers using the Stockbridge Library’s Museum & Archives. In order to help us preserve the artifacts and archival documents for the future, we ask you to follow these practices:

  • Sign in at the desk by the door, including the topic of research.
  • When handling any original documents or photographs, please use the white cotton gloves provided at the table.
  • Only pencil may be used – no pen or markers.
  • Artifacts on display may not be touched. However, any books in the room may be used.
  • The public computer contains a partial catalog of the collection. Please feel free to do your own searches.
  • If you wish to see a specific document or collection, the curator will retrieve it for you. Only one folder at a time will be available.
  • Photocopying must be done at the machine on this floor. Present those items which you wish to copy to the curator. If their condition allows for copying, you may do so. Return the originals to the curator. The charge for photocopying is $.15 a page. Copyright issues are the responsibility of the researcher.

Thank you for your cooperation.