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Portrait of Norman Rockwell by Louis Lamone, undated


Collections Spotlight

Norman Rockwell portrait by Louis Lamone

In Stockbridge we are familiar with the paintings of Norman Rockwell, but what about the painter of Norman Rockwell? Louis Lamone (1918-2007) spent 24 years in the studio and behind the camera for Norman Rockwell as his photographer and studio assistant. This undated Norman Rockwell portrait was painted by Lamone and seems to draw the viewer in, one’s curiosity getting the better part of them, with an anticipation of what the canvas will reveal. Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives #2014.019.

Stockbridge School or Berkshire House

Berkshire House or Stockbridge School

Print of Berkshire House, formerly the Stockbridge School (and before that the Hanna Estate), 2020. The original artwork is an acrylic on cotton painting. Artist Martha Savage ’69 recently donated the print. This piece is displayed in the Library. #2021.003.

Collections Spotlight

The Procter Medallion graces the gallery floor outside of the Museum & Archives. It was designed by Terry Wise and executed by Ben Evans.  Peonies were favorites of Hope Procter Stokes while her mother, Mrs. Beatrice Procter, was partial to small Hawaiian orchids, which she brought back to her home. Both women, who were avid gardeners, loved the blue gentians that grew on their Prospect Hill property in Stockbridge.

Still life by George H. Seeley: Museum & Archives

George H. Seeley was born in Stockbridge in 1880. A graduate of Stockbridge High School, he studied painting and drawing at Massachusetts Normal Art School in Boston. Early in his career Seeley declined an offer to head the art department at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Instead he chose to stay in Stockbridge, where for 40 years, he was the supervisor of art in the Stockbridge public schools. Toward the end of his life Seeley achieved recognition as a painter of brasses and coppers in still life canvases, similar to the one shown here. Museum & Archives: Still life by George Seeley, no date, SLAHC Art Collection, 2000.027.

Portrait of Agrippa Hull: Museum & Archives

Collections SpotlightAgrippa Hull (1759-1848) came to Stockbridge as a young man. He enlisted to serve in the American Revolution in 1777 and served until 1783.  “Grippy” was attached to Gen. John Paterson of Lenox and Polish General Thaddeus Kosciuszko, receiving a pension. Hull’s portrait was taken In 1844 by photographer Anson Clark of West Stockbridge. This oil portrait was produced from the Clark daguerreotype. Museum & Archives: SLAHC Art Collection, 47.002.

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