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Memorial Day

Collections Spotlight

This memorial plaque was placed and dedicated in the Stockbridge Library in March of 1867, and a contemporary newspaper article states that the plaque was made of clouded Italian marble, stands 5 feet by 3 feet 2 inches, and was “cut and finished by Mr. Fuller of this town.”

American Flag, Circa 1898

Collections Spotlight

Since 1916, June 14th has been designated as the day for the nation to celebrate the “Stars and Stripes” and its adoption as our country’s flag in 1777.
This 45-star flag, dating from around the time of the Spanish American War in 1898, was hung in the Curtisville Congregational Church.

Interlaken Congregational Church Collection 1999.038

Stockbridge school teacher, Miss Florence Jones with her students, circa 1903

A well remembered grammar school teacher of yesteryear is Miss Florence Jones. She taught at the elementary level in Stockbridge from 1899 to 1935. This class photograph dates from about 1903, and is one of a few examples found in our photography collection, and in the Florence Jones Collection. Stockbridge Library Photography Collection, #94.183

Portrait of Norman Rockwell by Louis Lamone, undated


Collections Spotlight

Norman Rockwell portrait by Louis Lamone

In Stockbridge we are familiar with the paintings of Norman Rockwell, but what about the painter of Norman Rockwell? Louis Lamone (1918-2007) spent 24 years in the studio and behind the camera for Norman Rockwell as his photographer and studio assistant. This undated Norman Rockwell portrait was painted by Lamone and seems to draw the viewer in, one’s curiosity getting the better part of them, with an anticipation of what the canvas will reveal. Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives #2014.019.

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