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“Philip Larkin at 100” presented by Bruce Coffin with Christopher Sweeney

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Philip Larkin at 100: A Poetry Reading in Celebration

of the Life and Work of Philip Larkin

(1922 – 1985)


Poems to be read by Bruce Coffin and Christopher Sweeney include: At Grass, Next, Please, The Explosion, A Study of Reading Habits, The Trees, Aubade, We met at the end of the party…, An Arundel Tomb, and many more.


From Selected Letters of Philip Larkin 1940ā€“1985, ed., Philip Larkin and Anthony Thwaite, and Further Requirements, ed., Anthony Thwaite.

ā€œ. . . Personally, Iā€™d as soon venture forth without rhyme as without boots in a meadow of snakes.ā€ (SL)