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August 2022 Artist: Ruth Drysdale      

Artist Statement: I have been drawing all my life but never found much excitement from trying to reproduce that which was around me. In 2008 I met up with a class of late bloomers. The teacher said I am not going to ask you to come from your imagination. Where were our images to come from? The best way I can describe it is to quote other artists, these are the quotes that have become like rules to me:

“Art Comes from your heart and it’s full of magic.”
~ Yasmin Kobt (aged 10)

“You can find out how to do something and then do it
Or do something and then find out what you did.”

~ Isamu Noguchi

We all can relate to the fear of having a blank page in front of us. Before you know it you root around in your mind for a picture from your mental picture album, the image is old before it hits the paper. I learned the value of a random mark on paper, no mental search for an idea is necessary. Everyone can find that mark. Your hand starts drawing and before you know it you have a completely fresh original image. I believe every individual has the potential within, right now, to bring truth and beauty out into the visible world. I have found the art that I am passionate about.

Current Exhibit

September 2022 Artist: Catherine Lee

I am a Western Massachusetts photographer and I specialize in shooting farms, barns and landscape. I exhibit my work in local libraries and galleries and community centers to inspire my visitors to find a greater respect for the influence of our slowly disappearing farms.

I always have my camera. I never stop looking for beautiful pictures.  Everyday I pause to look. I am influenced by my passion for art history and my desire to create fascinating works that imitate the paintings of my favorite artists and capture a moment in time.

I am fascinated with the artistic study of the changing effects of light. I love how light changes color, changes shadows, changes mood and creates an entirely different photograph with the same subject.

During the Covid quarantine I began shooting still life’s in my home. Each image is like a story. I captured the beauty of flowers and objects in different light.  “Still Life Thru The Lens” is a collection of these photographs.

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