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Room Use Policies

These are the policies for reserving rooms at the Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives (“the Library”) by any person or group (“Room User”) other than for Library and Town of Stockbridge events. We encourage you to use our rooms, in accordance with these policies.

  1. Rooms available in the Library

We offer the Morris Stockbridge Room, the Ruth Krauss Room, and the Bement Room. For details, see the attached chart.

  1. Equipment and facilities available in our rooms

The equipment in each room is on the attached chart. Library staff will provide written instructions on equipment use, but will not be able to serve as operators for equipment. Only the Morris Stockbridge Room has an adjacent kitchen.

  1. When rooms are available

Rooms are available as shown on the attached chart. By special arrangement with the Library Director, you can reserve a room before or after those hours; an additional room monitor charge will apply.

  1. Who can reserve rooms

Any Stockbridge individual or town agency, and any Berkshire County community group or commercial organization, can reserve a room for a private or public meeting. Gatherings of a purely social nature and political campaigning are not allowed. Priority is given in the following order: Library; Town of Stockbridge; Stockbridge individuals for non-commercial purposes; non-profit groups; and for-profit groups. Room Users may not charge any fees in connection with the use of a room or for anything provided to participants in connection with the use of a room. Failure to notify the Library Director or designee of a room cancellation may affect the ability of the Room User to reserve rooms in the future.

  1. How to reserve a room

You can reserve a room up to three months in advance of your meeting by coming to the Library or emailing your reservation request (forms available at When making a reservation, you must provide all the information requested on the reservation form, available at the front desk and on- 2 line. If you need to cancel a room reservation, notify the Library Director or designee as much in advance as possible (also see below).

  1. The cost to reserve rooms

There is no fee for Stockbridge individuals for non-commercial purposes, non-profit organizations, Stockbridge town agencies, or Berkshire County book clubs. All others will be charged a fee based on the attached chart. Room fees must be paid at least one week before using a room. Payment will be refunded only if a reservation is canceled at least two days before its scheduled use.

  1. Food and drinks in rooms

Food and drinks, except alcoholic beverages, may be served in the Morris Stockbridge Room only. The Room User must provide all supplies and utensils. The kitchen must be left in a neat and clean condition. The Library Director or designee can charge a reasonable fee to the Room User if it is necessary to clean the kitchen after a meeting. At the end of a meeting, the Room User must remove all supplies and utensils brought into the Library, along with all trash associated with the use of the room.

  1. Restrictions on using rooms
  • Room use is limited to one 3-hour session per group, per day.
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere in the Library or on Library grounds.
  • No alcoholic beverages. The maximum number of people in each room, as set by the fire code, is on the attached chart.
  • The Library Director or designee will terminate any activity that is unreasonably disruptive to Library users or operations.
  • The cost of police or fire protection, if deemed necessary by the Library Director or designee, must be paid by the person or group reserving the room, at least one week before its use.
  • Anything brought into a room must be removed at the end of each meeting.
  • No sale of goods or services, or solicitation for future sales or services, is permitted without the prior written approval of the Library Director or designee.
  • No storage of anything is allowed in a room before it is used.
  • Nothing can be attached to any wall in any room.
  • Library staff will not be responsible for room set-up or for rearranging furniture or equipment before the use of a room. The Room User is responsible for setting up and, at the end of a meeting, must return the furniture to its original arrangement.
  1. Publicity regarding meetings in rooms

The Library does not sponsor or publicize non-Library events. Any publicity regarding a meeting at the Library may identify the Library as the meeting place, but cannot include the Library’s phone number, email address, or website, and cannot invite attendees to contact the Library for information about the meeting. Any such publicity must include these words: “This event is not sponsored by the Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives.”

  1. Responsibility for use of rooms

The Room User is responsible for the use of the room, and for the cost to repair anything damaged while using a room. The Room User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Library, all Library employees, and all Library volunteers, from any and all claims as a result of the use of the Library. The Room User, not the Library, is responsible for obtaining all rights regarding copying, public performance, display, and distribution of anything in the Library. The Library is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

11. Discretion of Library Director or Designee

The Library Director or designee reserves the right to apply these policies and to modify them, in any way that is consistent with the mission of the Library.

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